Don’t Be Still


13277593_1728574370746926_1553926878_n(1)Artist: Leonid Afremov



Don’t Be Still

Movement is her freedom

She never moved quite in sync with all the others because there was always a bass line in her head causing her to move off beat

Looking as though she had no rhythm, they never knew she had the most out of them all

Struggling to fit in because her norm was not normal at all and what normal actually was she didn’t find appealing

A melody to a song she didn’t know was always thrumming making it hard to concentrate on any one thing for long

Frustration from not being able to place it caused her to put a pause on what others told her was important work she was doing so she could search for that same melody in songs that already existed

Time would pass her so swiftly because of how enthralled she’d become in the process of it all

Oh dear, another missed deadline

Music has always seemed to be her downfall and she’s never been able to shake it

If they weren’t meant to be together as one then why would it speak to her so often?

Like a gentle hand pulling her away from anything keeping them apart

How can she explain to those counting on her that her failure isn’t actually failure but the slowest realization that she was never meant to be any of the things they’d approve

That those things tie her down, strip away her uniqueness, tame her essence and kill her dreams

Why won’t someone help her find an outlet where she can be successful in her natural movements and grow

Won’t you help her out this box she’s helped the world confine her in

If not

Pretty soon that bass line will become a nagging thump on her brain because she’ll have become too focused on those things she never desired to be

Any day now, that melody she was so eager to find will be the faded memory of a song she won’t remember she never actually knew because she was meant to compose it

Those movements of freedom won’t break chains, barriers or boundaries for anyone else because standing still helps her fit in now

Oh the art this world will never see if it doesn’t encourage us all to encourage each other to be who we are truly meant to be

If you see her, won’t you tell her?

Move to the rhythm of every beat your heart desires and see the wonders of the lessons you learn from not being still

Leap into the hearts who were told not to have the courage you do because it would not meet their ends

Sing a new song and listen as those around you catch on and those like you are set free because you made it common to be uncommon

Watch the masses move in different directions paving several paths to greatness meant to be touched by us all at least once

The combination of that melody and that bass line should be endless because music is timeless and movements made because of it become magical

So whatever you do and no matter what others around you say

Please don’t be still

-Bea Enome’


No Failures Here

Let me tell you all something you already know but we all seem to forget….no one and I mean NO ONE is perfect. So if you happen to keep the company of someone who continuously fails but also continues to try, get off their back. It is hard as hell to keep trying after failing. To you it may seem like they don’t care or that they aren’t bothered by it or even that they just aren’t cut out for whatever it is that they are trying to do. Seeing as how they’re the ones that are doing all the failing, I assure you those things have crossed their minds. Think about that before you express your disappointment or disdain for whatever it is that they aren’t doing because chances are they’ve already given their selves the same speech you’re about to and if you’ve ever been in a place where you’ve looked failure in the eye you know that speech is a real downer and no one needs to hear it twice. It may be the toughest thing to do at that moment but encourage them to keep going, you never know how much good may come from it. Some of the greatest accomplishments are made by those who have failed tremendously. Do you really want to be one of their doubters? To all my great failures out there, this is the leader of your clan speaking letting you know that we are here to prove every teacher, bully, ex-boss or even parent wrong. We are not failures because it’s something we do on a larger scale than most, we are over-comers, we are Triers. We are conquerors of our own fears, individuals with a resilience to be envied by them all because even when we doubt ourselves and our supposed biggest supporters can no longer believe in us, we don’t quit. We are the people that everyone remembers not because of our great accomplishments but because of how many times we failed before we came to them. To all my Triers out there, keep going, I’m still rooting for us all!

Artist of the Month

Here at Words in the Raw we are  in love with the many variations and styles of art in the world. So it seems only right to share some of the great works we come across with all of you. This month we will be showcasing the works of a visual artist named RiA. We are obsessed with the the vibrant colors she chooses in her portraits and the emotion that shines through her all of her work. I know for me personally if I’m looking at one of her portraits and it doesn’t tell a story then it shares an inspirational message.Below is a gallery of only a few of her great works. Thank you RiA for your art!


Artist: RiA RiA



This Woman

nature-mother earth.

Artist: Doris Franceschini


In honor of all the mothers out there, I thought that I’d share a poem I wrote for my own to show my appreciation for the woman that she is.


This Woman

There is an essence about her that can’t be duplicated by just any woman

She has a gift of changing the tone in her voice when harsh words need to be spoken but compassion needs to be felt as a means to correcting an incorrect situation

The strength that she has should not exist in one person but her mere existence is proof that it does

The burdens she bares with and for others simply because she has a heart that allows her to care should weigh her down

Yet here she still stands with the posture of a queen that has given birth to nations she knows for a fact will never see failure

And in the moments of her life when this world has had the audacity to make her feel weak

Her seeds looked up to her and could only see resilience in the tears she used to nourish their growth and even then they knew that being hurt and feeling pain was only a stepping stone towards a throne that could never be reached by anyone else because God created it just for her to sit upon and marvel at the wonders of a legacy She gave birth to

One only she could leave behind

But only after she has learned what it means to wear this particular crown

And as a gift

For simply being whom she was created to be in spite of who others wanted her to be

She will forever live in the hearts minds and souls of those she has touched

And her love will live on forever because of the mother she has been to them all

Oh what a mother she is

Oh what a mother You are

-Bea Enome’